IELTS Exam results

How can I check my IELTS score?

IDP IELTS results and IELTS British Council results/scores can be checked online by logging into the test taker’s portal.

When will your IELTS exam results be available?

You won't have to wait long because IELTS test results are usually available within two weeks of the test date:

  • If you took the paper-based IELTS test, your results will be available 13 calendar days after the test date, after 12.00 p.m.
  • If you took a computer-based test, your results will be published 5 – 7 days after your test date.
  • It will be available online for 28 days after the results are published.
  • If you took the test through UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI), you will not be able to view your results online. The TRF of UKVI IELTS results will be emailed to the address provided during registration.

Delayed/Withheld/Unfound IELTS Results

  • You may not receive your results even after 13 days if the IELTS partners believe your test needs to be rechecked or have concerns about how your test was managed. There is no time limit for the investigation. It could take up to a month to see such results.
  • If “irregularities” are discovered, your IELTS test may be cancelled. In some cases, you may be asked to retake only specific sections of the exam, such as Listening or Speaking. Your result may also be cancelled if the IELTS partners discover that you or your agent tampered with the TRF in any way.

A physical copy of the IELTS Result

The candidate receives a physical copy of the results, also known as the TRF (Test Result Form) or the IELTS score card 10 days after the paper-based test and 5–7 days after the computer-delivered test.

Tracking of TRF

  • The TRF will be delivered by courier. You will receive an SMS with the shipment tracking number, which can be used to track the shipment.
  • The IELTS test results will not be discussed via email, phone, or text message. It will either be displayed online or emailed to the provided address.
  • The TRF for IELTS IDP and IELTS British Council results will be sent directly to the institution to which the candidates have applied. The institutions will require original copies of the Test Result Forms rather than photocopies.
  • If you want to send 5 copies of the TRF to institutions, immigration offices, and so on, you can provide a separate address where the copies should be sent.
  • The full postal address of the institution must be provided so that the copy of your TRF is sent to the correct address as well. They can also check to see whether the institution to which you are sending the TRF has access to view the copy; if not, it will be mailed.
  • Institutions can also access candidates’ scores through the IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) Verification Service. To use this service, they must have a TRF number. The TRF number can be found on the Test Report Form in the bottom right corner

Copies of additional IELTS results

  • If you want to send your TRF copies to more institutions, you can get up to five extra original copies. However, in order to obtain these copies, you must first mention it during the registration process.
  • If you want the copies to be sent via postal address, you must fill out an additional form during registration, i.e. an Application for Test Report Form, with the relevant address where the copy has to be sent along with the demand draft and send it to the office; the copies of the TRF will be sent directly to the appropriate institutions.